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Geology students at Mines have access to leading modeling tool

Colorado School of Mines geology students and faculty have access to advanced software for structural modeling and restoration, thanks to an educational license gift from Petroleum Experts Ltd. valued at $2.46 million.

Petroleum Experts’ MOVE software suite is an essential tool to test and validate structural interpretations of field and subsurface data, said Bruce Trudgill, associate professor of geology and geological engineering at Mines. This is the second year in a row that Mines students have had access to this tool.

“The MOVE suite gives student researchers the vital tools they need to perform detailed structural restorations of their interpreted geological systems, and then interrogate those models with world-class structural analysis tools,” Trudgill said. “This places our research as the forefront of structural analysis of complex geological systems and adds an invaluable new skill set for our students moving forward in their careers.”

The MOVE suite includes 2D Kinematic Modeling, 3D Kinematic Modeling, Geomechanical Modeling, Fracture Modeling, Fault Response Modeling, Fault Analysis, Stress Analysis, Move Link Petrel, Move Link OpenWorks and Move Link GST. The software will primarily be used by structural geology faculty and graduate students within the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Trudgill said.

Petroleum Experts initially provided Mines with a one-year educational license. It was renewed in December 2019. 


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