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Mines launching new master’s degree in data science

Data Science program

A new non-thesis master’s degree at Colorado School of Mines will prepare scientists, engineers, economists and more to harness the torrent of large and complex digital data that has become ubiquitous throughout society.

Launching this fall, the Data Science graduate program at Mines will address the unique needs of data-driven discovery and data-supported decision making, offering rigorous training in computer science and statistics while also giving students the space to develop a focused area of application based on their individual interests and career goals. 

“Data science is at the intersection of computer science and statistics, with a strong focus on problem solving, and data science skills open doors to almost any field, such as applications in the physical processes and the environment, additive manufacturing, health care, economics and e-commerce,” said Applied Mathematics and Statistics Professor Doug Nychka, who co-directs the program along with Computer Science Associate Professor Hua Wang. “Students will draw on the rich academic and professional resources at Mines through a program that is unique and well-suited for training a future cadre of data scientists and data engineers.”

Core courses in the three-semester program will focus on data modeling, statistical learning, machine learning, data processing and algorithms, and parallel computation, as well as professional development in communication, teamwork and ethics. The remaining three courses will come from students’ area of focus, which will be tailored to individual interests and could include environmental science, geophysics, electrical engineering, economics, computational science and more.

“Data science is impacting all of our core engineering and science disciplines,” said Michael Kaufman, vice provost for graduate and research initiatives and dean of energy and materials programs. “By providing this new degree option to our students, we will enable them to differentiate themselves in their chosen fields.”

The data science graduate program is targeted toward both recent bachelor degree graduates looking to expand their knowledge base and employment opportunities, as well as working professionals who have recognized the need for data science skills in their current or future careers. Domestic applications for Fall 2019 are being accepted through July 1. For more information, go to

Emilie Rusch

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