DOE offers loan to Nevada lithium mine

Ian Lange, director of the Mineral and Energy Economics graduate program at the Colorado School of Mines, says these loans will help companies extract battery materials in the US but that getting permits remains a big challenge.
January 19, 2023

Secrecy surrounds Suncor’s shutdown, but experts say it’s a sign the company’s invested in Commerce City

A hydrogen plant is critical to any refinery operation, said John Jechura, a Colorado School of Mines professor of practice who teaches a refining class.
January 13, 2023

Space mining startups see a rich future on asteroids and the moon

"A decade ago, people got excited and there were those declaring that the first trillionaire was going to be made in space in those years," said Angel Abbud-Madrid is the Director of the Center for Space Resources at the Colorado School of Mines in ....
January 7, 2023

The Missing Minerals: To Shift to Clean Energy, America Must Rethink Supply Chains

Morgan Bazilian, director of the Payne Institute for Public Policy, co-authored this opinion piece on the importance of secure and resilient supply chains for critical minerals.
January 6, 2023

Elon banned me for calling him a “bologna face.” I’m a history professor with 139 followers

Ken Osgood, professor of history at Colorado School of Mines, wrote this commentary piece about his experience trying to get banned from Twitter.
December 30, 2022

Colorado School of Mines: Expanding resource development from Earth to space

A reporter from the Japanese financial publication Nikkei visited the Colorado School of Mines campus in December to learn about the Space Resources Program. (Editor's Note: Article is in Japanese)
December 28, 2022

We must change how we think to solve the plastic waste crisis

C. Michael McGuirk, assistant professor of chemistry at Colorado School of Mines, wrote this opinion piece about the promise of chemical recycling in tackling plastic waste.
December 28, 2022

New rule for electric car tax incentive delayed

Now, EV tax credits are only available to people who buy cars assembled here. That change is a big deal, said Morgan Bazilian at the Colorado School of Mines.
December 20, 2022

Opinion: Markets for Critical Minerals Are Too Prone to Failure

Morgan Bazilian, director of the Payne Institute for Public Policy and professor at Colorado School of Mines, co-authored this opinion piece about one of the underappreciated financial challenges of the green energy transition.
December 17, 2022

With new regulations, wastewater gains momentum as a defense against drought

"Through a train of processes, we are increasing the quality of the water all the way to drinkable water," said Tzahi Cath. He is a professor of environmental engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.
December 16, 2022

Colorado project gets $9M in federal funds to advance geothermal technology

The Department of Energy said Wednesday that Occidental Petroleum, the Colorado School of Mines and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden will collaborate on the project.
December 15, 2022

Mines football fans prepare for national championship

The Oredigger nation is swelling with pride. As the Colorado School of Mines football team heads to the NCAA Division II National Championship on Dec. 17 for the first time in school history, some of the Orediggers’ longtime fans are ecstatic the ....
December 15, 2022