Biden eyes using wartime powers for minerals needed in clean energy push

“These are all things that the U.S. needs to help build up the U.S. mining industry into something that is capable of navigating the energy transition,” said Jordy Lee, a program manager at the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School ....
March 30, 2022

Russia’s role in world’s nuclear energy industry prompts calls to up U.S. uranium production

Morgan Bazilian teaches public policy at the Colorado School of Mines. “When you look around and you do a bid for who’s going to build your plant, up till two months ago, the Russian plants were a very attractive option,” Bazilian said.
March 30, 2022

Russia and China have a history of bogus claims about U.S. biological warfare

Claims designed to weaken international resolve to sanction Russia for invading Ukraine are classic communist propaganda, writes Colorado School of Mines history professor Ken Osgood in this opinion piece.
March 29, 2022

Colorado Matters: The Smithsonian recognizes women in STEM with their own statues

The exhibit, called "If Then She Can," features 120 women -- and six of them are from Colorado, including Jenny Briggs, the assistant dean of the Colorado School of Mines, and engineer Sarah Wilson with Tortuga AgTech.
March 25, 2022

Biden sends mixed signals to oil industry

“The messaging has been all over the place,” said Morgan Bazilian, a public policy professor at the Colorado School of Mines.
March 24, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Mexico flared record levels of gas in 2021, study says

Mexico flared 6.5 billion cubic meter (bcm) of gas in 2021, up from 5.8 bcm a year earlier, said Tamara Sparks, a researcher at the Earth Observation Group of the Colorado School of Mines, who analyzed NASA satellite images of flare sites for Reuters ....
March 22, 2022

Colorado women featured in new Smithsonian exhibit

A new large display features 120 3D-printed statues of women across the country who dedicated their careers to STEM. Two women from the Colorado School of Mines discuss the importance on FOX31 Morning News.
March 21, 2022

The EU has sworn off Russian steel. That could be bad news for the environment.

EU officials had hoped to persuade Russia to clean things up. But Morgan Bazilian, director of the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines, said now that’s taking a back seat.
March 21, 2022

Barrasso, Lummis sponsor bill would ban Russian uranium

But according to Ian Lange, an economics professor at the Colorado School of Mines, figuring out where uranium came from quickly gets complicated. Converting uranium ore into the fuel rods used in nuclear reactors is a multi-step process that often ....
March 18, 2022

6 Colorado women featured in exhibit at Smithsonian

Dr. Jenny Briggs, assistant dean at the Colorado School of Mines, is one of them. "I am trained as a fire scientist and forest biologist," Briggs said. "I got really interested because I had grown up loving animals and loving being outdoors and I was ....
March 17, 2022

Colorado gas grades: A look at 85 vs. 87 vs. 91

"It all has to do with getting good engine performance," said John Jechura, professor of practice at the Colorado School of Mines Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. "If your car is rated for regular, in my opinion, there's no reason ....
March 17, 2022

Climate-driven water woes spark Colorado rush to conserve 'liquid gold'

Just south of Castle Rock in Colorado Springs, Tzahi Cath has been working with the local utility to demonstrate that recycled wastewater can be used not just to flush toilets, but also for drinking.
March 16, 2022