Itchy-O's Next Ceremonial Concept Concert Showcases New, Unexpected Custom Instrument

"Thanks to a partnership with the Colorado School of Mines Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Hot Shop, and the Hennebach Program in the Humanities at Mines with artist-in-residence Sarah Harling, we were gifted the opportunity of a lifetime to ....
July 13, 2022

Experts say workers shouldn’t climb coal piles, the action that records show led to 2 deaths at a Pueblo power plant

“Coal storage piles with underground draw points always bear the risk of collapse, therefore no one should ever walk or work (on) top of such a pile,” said Jürgen F. Brune, a mine engineering professor at the Colorado School of Mines who researches ....
July 12, 2022

More than 8 million Illinoisans get drinking water from a utility where forever chemicals have been detected, Tribune investigation finds

Put another way, a single Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with PFOS would contain enough of the chemical to contaminate the drinking water of every American, said Chris Higgins, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Colorado ....
July 10, 2022

US College Students Are Shunning Oil-Industry Degrees for ESG Future

“Personally, I think we are heading to a bit of a crisis,” said Jennifer Miskimins, who leads the petroleum-engineering department at the Colorado School of Mines, one of the world’s premier oil universities. “As petroleum engineers age, the industry ....
July 6, 2022

Secrets of the Moon’s Permanent Shadows Are Coming to Light

Various proposals for how to extract and utilize water ice are under development, said Kevin Cannon, a space resource expert at Colorado School of Mines. “People are looking at mechanical systems like diggers, backhoes and excavators,” he said.
July 3, 2022

Putin To Exploit U.S. Economic Pain To Bring Biden Midterms Misery—Experts

"They can exploit a number of existing realities. One of those realities is the economic toll that the war is taking on the United States, especially as we see in inflation and gas prices. That creates an enormous political vulnerability, a political ....
July 2, 2022

How Russia’s war could revive America’s uranium industry

Uranium sales are negotiated through long-term contracts rather than in an open market, given the element’s use in nuclear weapons. So it is hard to get a pure price signal, says Ian Lange, an economist at the Colorado School of Mines
June 23, 2022

A federal gas tax holiday might be popular. But it might not be useful.

“If we remove a gas tax, an economist would tell you that if you lower the price, you will increase demand,” said Morgan Bazilian, who directs the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines. “By doing this, one could minimize ....
June 23, 2022

Mini nuclear power plants being developed in Colorado could generate electricity around planet and in space

“The urgency is the fact that Lake Powell is nearly out of water (threatening hydroelectric power in the West). Climate change is real and we are feeling the impacts,” said Colorado School of Mines nuclear engineer Jeff King.
June 21, 2022

Colorado has been spreading biosolids with “forever chemicals” on farms, records show. How dangerous is it?

Municipal sewage handlers across the nation, including Metro Water Recovery, have known about the presence and potential risks of PFAS chemicals in their effluent and biosolids since at least 2010, when a group of studies came out, said Christopher ....
June 20, 2022

Why flooding could be more common in Colorado this summer

“But as you have less vegetation cover and soil — as it gets drier — you expect to see greater amounts of erosion,” said Karen Berry, director of the Colorado Geological Survey. “And, we find that the types of rainfall we get have been changing due ....
June 9, 2022

US increases production to catch China in global battery race

In addition to the executive actions the Biden administration has taken on critical minerals in general, both policymakers and the industry have more specific items on their wish list to improve American competitiveness on battery production, said ....
June 9, 2022